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05/14  It's peanut butter jelly time
05/15  Military Ridge
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05/17  Geologists fed me watermelon
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05/22  Smells like the North Woods
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05/25  Solitude and Dragonflies
05/28  Big timber
05/29  Not too proud to push
05/30  Stupid four-wheeler driving losers
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05/31  There be dragons here
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06/03  Cruisin' the coast
06/04  I am so biking through the North Woods in a cold rain!
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06/06  Finally heading west
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06/10  Rain and loons
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Peace and Turtles


I saw a lot of cell phone towers today. And wind turbines. AT&T owned none of them.

In north North Dakota are the Turtle Mountains. Relatively speaking, I can see how the locals might call these mountains. Suddenly the plains rise up into tree-covered rolling hills.

I visited the International Peace Garden in the middle of the Turtle Mountains on the US-Canada border. I must admit I was expecting more garden. It must just be too early in the year, because what I presume are supposed to be colorful flower beds were not much more than rope-segregated plots of dirt.

There were a lot of people mowing grass and a few folks planting flowers and many bored college kids manning information desks. I think the ratio of worker to visitor was about 5 to 1.

There is also the Game Warden Museum within the park. This is a tribute to the wardens of the land and hosts a number of very badly stuffed North American animals.

Even though I never technically entered Canada, I still had to pass through customs to get back into North Dakota.
Welcome to the United States. Be prepared to sit for 30 minutes before you can cross the border. The border agent seemed very concerned that I might be carrying $10000 over the border on my bike. She asked about it multiple times as my paniers were searched.

Soon after that I was rained on a couple more times.

My final Point Of Interest for the day was Mystical Horizons, some sort of modern Stonehenge with a number of seemingly astronomically designed structures and absolutely nothing describing their significance. The cool thing about the location is that it is in a clearing high in the "mountains" overlooking the plains below.

Wee'l Turtle in Dunseith

US-Canada border in the International Peace Garden

some of the few actual flowers at the International Peace Garden

riding through the Turtle Mountains

Mystical Horizons

looking from the Turtle Mountains onto the plains

some sculpture

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