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Mystery and Eagles


tl;dr: Today I visited Mystery Cave and the National Eagle Center.

So this is the third time I am typing this update. Thank you technology.

I didn't sleep well last night. I'm not sure why. I don't think it was the barking dogs, oppressive heat, loud insects, biting mosquitoes or the continuously falling walnuts. It was probably because I received no proper exercise yesterday.

Today I visited Mystery Cave and the National Eagle Center.

Apparently there are over 300 caves in southern Minnesota. Only two are open to the public: Mystery Cave and Niagara Cave. Mystery Cave derives its name from a seemingly unverifiable anecdote that boils down to "that name is as good as any." Like many caves that have spent decades as a tourist attraction it is a bit trashed. Broken stubs indicate where many a happy stalactite was re-purposed to a souvenir. One exceptional rock formation was simply cut through to make a walkway. There are definitely more interesting caves out there.

The National Eagle Center was set up to educate the public on eagles, critters that instill very little wonder in the local population. As one person said, "look out the window and you can see five of them." You can also see five eagles at the National Eagle Center. These aren't your standard eagles, though. Only one could actually fly if let off its harness, and that one is partially blind. Most of the other eagles were rescued from hit-and-runs and are abnormally shaped in some way. But you can get pretty close to them. If so inclined you can have your picture taken with one. And it was educational. I had no idea how susceptible eagles were to lead. If a rifle bullet fragments when pounding its way through a deer, and any of those fragments end up in the guy pile or carcass, and if an eagle eats that gut pile or carcass and digests the lead fragment, then that eagle is effectively dead.

I was originally planning on camping again, but I decided it was more important to be alert for my customer visit tomorrow. The beds at the Treasure Island Resort and Casino are ridiculously comfortable.

Hobos in Harmony MN

fossil in Mystery Cave

formation in Mystery Cave

pool in Mystery Cave

National Eagle Center

''Not bad! Matter of fact this is the best burger I've had in years!''

roughing it for a few days

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