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Bowels of Security


tl;dr: My stay at the Treasure Island Hotel was carceral. Thank you Merriam-Webster word of the day.

Okay, it appears my updates will be a little more sporadic this trip. That's what happens when you travel so conventionally.

I spent the week at the Treasure Island Resort and Casino, a new customer of ours. Cubical life is fun. You learn so much about people. For instance, one guy discovered the aftermath of a motorcycle accident last night and told the story in excruciating detail at least five times within my range of hearing. A lady in the cube across from me has a mole infestation in her yard. You would have thought a tree had caved in her bedroom window in January.

While riding the elevator (which was impressively fast by the way) a random German person informed me that gellfold is billfold in German. It seems they were having some fun with the Yank as I looked it up and the word should be Brieftasche.

When working at a casino you can expect security to be a concern. Before entering the back rooms you will either subject yourself to a thoroughly invasive background check, or you get an escort; somebody with you at all times; unlocking doors for you; escorting you to the bathroom. It was all very carceral. I'm kind of a loner (no, really). By Thursday afternoon I was ready to bolt.

So I left as soon as I received all of my sign-offs and drove 6 hours to the cabin in Park Falls WI. Sure, a few days at an Indian Casino Hotel is nice and all, what with its luxurious beds, and precise climate control, and electricity, and indoor plumbing, and a distinct lack of biting insects, but I guess my standards are higher.

Sample IS Cube

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