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I crossed the Mack


tl;dr: Mackinaw City MI is a good spot for working, kayaking and fudge.

I spent the week in Mackinaw City MI. My only real reason for stopping here was to stay at a decently priced hotel in a reasonably interesting area and get some work done.

I had originally planned on staying at the Waterfront Inn, but the concierge claimed their internet didn't work. He then proceeded to call his neighboring property, the Mackinaw Beach and Bay Inn, and aggressively negotiate a room rate for me. It ended up being more expensive even after getting $20 a night knocked off, but I'm in a huge 2 bedroom suite on the beach overlooking Lake Huron with an awesome breakfast included. In the mornings I go jogging, and after work I drag my kayak from the balcony down to the water and paddle a few miles.

Mackinaw City is very much a tourist town with its hotels, historical markers, gift shops, tours and a surprising number of fudge vendors. Every other store had fudge "on sale".

It is a lot like being at the ocean, but the water level never changes, and I find that oddly disconcerting.

I'd write more, but there isn't anything to write. From a narrative point of view, my week was very dull.

Mackinaw Bridge

United States Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw

this week's office

beach birds

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