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Shopping in Michigan


tl;dr: Today I went shopping; low on the adventure scale, but high on the never-do-that-again-ometer.

The area between Flint and Detroit is very urban, yet I was very much astonished at the extent of forest shrouded dirt roads that serviced a never-ending procession of American Dreams.

I adventured to one of my lesser favorite places today: the mall. I purchased some Converse walking shoes that looked identical to the easily destructible Wal-Mart knock-offs I had purchased because they would pack well on my bicycle trip; although I'm sure the identicalness was in reverse. The shoe store only kept lefts on the floor due to shoplifting, and every associate that helped me insisted that I memorize his name, and the checkout was slightly faster than if I were buying a new car, but at least now I'm wearing shoes that won't tear just by putting them on.

I was also on the hunt for "dress cargos", apparel that I am becoming increasingly convinced doesn't exist. I visited half a dozen stores. Basically I need cargo pants that I can wear with nice shoes and a tie. When I visit customers I carry a small amount of gear and find myself bouncing between many areas of the property. Without extra pockets my possessions invariably get left behind.

Other random purchases included: flexible mini-tropod, velcro cable straps, and neck straps for my camera and mp3 player.

Because there was no chance of finding a proper place to camp, I simply parked my van in a boat ramp parking lot and slept in the back. Nobody bothered me.

can you spot my van?

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