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tl;dr: Kentucky isn't the kind of place where you can just sleep in your van.

After crossing into Kentucky I decided to find a place to park for the night. This wasn't easy. The map showed a complex of tiny roads crisscrossing forests and hills. In any other state this would mean logging roads or hunting land. Not here. It was incredibly populated in a sparse hillbilly sort of way. I drove for an hour on narrow, winding roads before finally finding a parking area next to a bridge.

Not many cars went by, but the passengers of every one seemed to glare at me. It wasn’t long before one of the neighbors stopped to see if I was “all right.” He informed me that I was on private land, but I should be okay, and he would call the owner to let him know I was here. A little later the owner showed up. He was very concerned about me dumping garbage. I promised I wouldn’t. (Apparently garbage is very hard to dispose of down here. You often see it piled up in random, unsanctioned places.) I figured that would be the end of my visits so I settled down to watch Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridge Series (seriously, Little Kuriboh is genius) on my phone (YouTube in the sticks). That’s when a cop showed up.

He was just checking me out because somebody had called in. But he left me alone. I asked if there was someplace a little more appropriate I should park. He had no suggestions.

I didn’t sleep very well. Both neighbors had barking dogs, and I kept waking up to phantom hillbillies sneaking around my van.

This incident highlights a few points that I considered many times over the weekend. Driving is nowhere near as interesting as biking. And I didn’t do a very good job planning this weekend out.

BTW, in what is sure to be a new and pointless gimmick, I figured out how to attach a video camera to the bicycle rack on the van. I call it the VanCam. Turn down your speakers. The following is me leaving the Kentucky backroads this morning.

stopping in Kentucky

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