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I still cannot pronounce Dahlenoga


tl;dr: Narrow roads, sharp corners, no shoulder, no sidewalks, no bike lanes. Die pedestrian, die!

The Chattahoochee National Forest is nice, and it presented me with a new experience: self-induced motion sickness from driving. Up, down, left, right, hit the brakes, watch out for that bike; windshield glare! Worse gas mileage ever. I pity the passengers on these roads. I also pity the many cyclists. Maybe question the sanity of the many cyclists is a better way to say it. These roads have no visibility, are about four feet wide, and they are hosting holiday traffic. Beyond the threat of eminent death, how is cycling here even fun with all this traffic? If you can stomach any more VanCam here’s a short clip of the Morgantown Highway.

I spent the week in Dahlenoga GA, the location of America's first gold rush.

I didn't really care for Dahlenoga. Even in town the sidewalks are hit or miss. And forget about bicycle lanes. Narrow rodes. Sharp corners. Low visibility. No shoulder. No sidewalks. No bike lanes. Die pedestrian, die! It's like they hate tourists here. I stayed at a Super 8 managed by Indians who barely spoke English (My loony bun is fine Benny Lava) and had no concept of the "do not disturb" sign. I usually hang the sign up so I can work in peace. It's not as though I could ever use up all of the towels in a few days anyway. But every day, tap tap tap, do you need service?

Speaking of speaking English, I need to bone up on mine. At Walmart I asked where I could find the shovels (um, because I needed one) and was answered, "sorry, we're all out of charcoal." At another store I almost turned down an awesome fried peach pie because I interpreted "two dollars" as "ten dollars".

It has been a while since my last attempt, but I still suck at finding gold. I guess if it were easy everyone would do it. Wednesday I biked 10 miles out of town (and the first 6 of those miles were not fun) to back roads of the Chattahoochee where I could pan in the gravel of a stream without blatantly trespassing. I carry a gold pan with me most places I go (doesn't everybody?). Mostly I use it for washing or eating out of. But very occasionally I try my hand at working a little color. Once again I failed. On the plus side, I didn't get run over.

Now that I’m writing this up it appears that I took very few pictures in and around Dahlenoga. Oh well, there are plenty on the interwebs if you are curious.


Etowah River the has no gold

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