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Begging turtles at Magnolia Springs State Park


tl;dr: At Magnolia Springs State Park the turtles beg for carrots.

Still in Georgia. I've seen deer and wild pigs (huge wild pigs), and is there a town in this state that doesn't have a university?

I've also encountered irrefutable proof that I am now in the South. I have been bitten by fire ants. Twice. Ouch. Oh, and there are dead armadillos on the road.

I visited Magnolia Springs State Park. This is a small park known for its spring. I kayaked around the small lake chasing alligators, and I fed carrots to turtles from a bridge. Beggingest turtles ever. As soon as you step foot onto the bridge the turtles begin to swarm. A local informed me that "they'll eat anything." All I had were carrots. Throwing chunks of carrots into the water doubled the swarm size and even attracted fat bluegills and a small alligator (who unsurprisingly wasn't interested in carrots).

turtles begging for carrots

rules rules rules

little alligator

egret and lillies

little blue heron

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