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Two weeks in Bluffton


I won't say the last two weeks have been boring. Never mind, yes I will. The last two weeks have been boring. I was only supposed to spend a week in Bluffton SC working with a new customer. I ended up staying a second week because they "forgot about a store." How do you forget about a whole store? I mean, there's only like five or six stores at the property to begin with. I never even ended up going on site the second week because the manager of the forgotten store was otherwise occupied. On the plus side there does seem to be a remarkable non-inversely proportional relationship between my boredom and my work productivity.

Atlanta may be known as the "city of trees", but it has nothing on Hilton Head. Unless you know the exact location of the place where you are going, you're not likely to find that place. At least not on the first or second pass. Everything is hidden by trees. Everything. There are ordinances protecting the trees. Every street is lined by forest. Every parking lot of any width has trees growing between parking rows. I was literally a couple of hundred yards from a grocery store and couldn't see it.

I did a little bicycling, but there are only about two congested roads here and a million old tourists; at least where I was in Bluffton. Bicycling wasn't much fun.

I did manage to get in a little kayaking in though. Every time I went out I saw dolphins, lots of sea birds and endless jumping fish. I think I spotted a sea-turtle and I'm pretty sure there were a couple of small sharks hunting in a small inlet.

A short hike in Victoria Bluff Heritage preserve earned me a number of interesting insect bites all around my ankles.

But I am growing tired of the South. It finally cooled off up North and here I am still in 90 degree days. I have a few more stops and then I think I'm going north again.


sea birds

we are not happy crabs

believe it or not this is a gas station convenience store

I am actually paddling through this

hiking in Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve

this is a Walmart parking lot

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