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Camping on Jekyll Island


tl;dr: I kayaked under a full moon, visited Fort Pulaski and endured paid-for camping.

I was told that the best time to go sea kayaking is at night under a full moon. So I got up real early this morning to test that plan. A kayak by its very nature puts you right at sea level. Most of the time you can see three things: water, trees and grass; and around here lots and lots of grass. Even under a mostly full moon I lost two of those stimuli. The water was calm and it was very quiet, but other than the occasional startled bird it wasn't that great. But it was an experience.

Later in the day I visited Fort Pulaski National Monument which maintains a Civil War era fort. It turns out it was a free admission day, and there were people everywhere.

I ended the day at Jekyll Island in Georgia. This is sort of a neat place with mossy forest, palmettos and miles of beach. I biked around the entire island just checking it out.

I decided that I would pay to camp at the campground. I am reminded as to why I haven't paid to camp in 20 years.

What a freaking experience. There are people wandering everywhere. Squirrels have no fear and approach with full confidence of being fed. The fact that there was bread and potato chips all over a nearby table didn't help. Every couple of hours some old lady comes by on a golf cart on patrol. I haven't seen my immediate neighbors yet, but it’s dark and they are still not back, and the raccoons and opossums are having their way with their food. There are kids screaming and crying. Eventually i despaired of hearing the absent neighbor’s coolers popping open and shut and went to shore them up, chasing away a half-dozen raccoons. One of the coolers was already empty. Salad and tomatoes and cheese rappers littered the ground. Somebody is playing a trumpet. A trumpet! And badly. Did I mention it's dark? And hot. I am sleeping in my hammock hoping to stay cool. There are dogs barking. The neighbors finally get back around 11pm and it turns out that THEY HAVE NO VOLUME CONTROL. Two women and five girls. They were still lamenting about their lost food and promising to start a game of Uno well after midnight. That's when the drunks started driving around revving their motors and almost running over tents until the police came. There's also an airport on the island. A very nocturnal airport. The mosquitoes were okay.

I am here for one more day. There a bunch of historical landmarks and stuff that I want to see. Hopefully things will be a little more subdued tomorrow night.

kayaking in the very early morning

a portion of Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski courtyard

big guns

spanish moss



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