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Sulfur water coffee


tl;dr: Lots of raccoons, sea turtles and World of Warcraft on Jekyll Island.

Oddly enough the campground had wifi, so I found myself playing World of Warcraft by the pale moon light as I drank coffee seasoned with sulfur. This whole area is one giant sulfur deposit.

Once the sun came up, I took a more leisurely ride around Jeckyll Island on my bicycle. There are a number of historical buildings and markers to see. I visited the Georgia Sea Turtle Center. The main attraction here is, of course, turtles. Much like the eagles at the National Eagle Center and to a lesser extent the wolves at the National Wolf Center every turtle here has issues that prevent it from being released into the wild. These Centers get more and more depressing.

After being on the coast for nearly two weeks I finally got to see the Atlantic ocean.

Back at the campground things were much more quiet. It almost rained at dawn and most of the campers had quickly scampered away. And I know I shouldn't be feeding the squirrels, but they're just so darn cute. One of the faucets near my designated camping slot was leaking and seemed to be the only watering hole in the vicinity. I put my trailcam on it, and as usual the raccoons used up every bit of its memory. I edited it down for your amusement.

the Atlantic coast from northern Jekyll Island

ancient ruins

me messing with a snake

sea turtle

Erika the sea turtle

my camp site

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