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tl;dr: Checking out the fall colors in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire.

I am continuing north. Oddly enough Pennsylvania hosted the most colorful trees, but they were splashes of color rather than a transformed landscape. Connecticut was okay. I expected the most from Vermont. But I think I overshot a bit. But I did get to see some cool waterfalls. Ho hum, more waterfalls.

Vermont is something else. The whole state feels like a giant country club. Every town is picturesque. Big towns are ornate. Little towns are quaint. And everything is priced accordingly. The trees were very colorful, but I think I missed peak foliage. I had never realized how mountainous Vermont is. As you drive along there is one scenic vista after another and no convenient place to stop your vehicle.

I slept in my van rather than fork over exuberant fees for a hotel. $100+ for a room at Knights Inn? What universe is this? Sleeping in my van isn't all bad, although it was very cold. Fortunately I had purchased a cheap sleeping bag at Walmart and was double-bagging with my good sleeping bag. The combo worked. In Vermont I parked in the Green Mountains. In New Hampshire the White Mountains.

I had intended to continue into Maine, but a tropical storm had moved in and I was growing tired of the non-stop rain. So I will head west into New York.

good morning Pennsylvania

Susquehanna River

Pennsylvania color

Silver Thread Falls

Dingmans Falls

Kent Falls


good morning Vermont

Vermont color

along the West River Trail

more Vermont color

rainy Vermont

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