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The Empire State


tl;dr: I spent the week in Oswego NY where the people are rude but don't mean it.

I like New York. The people here are very rude. But they don't mean it. I prefer this to other regions where the people are very nice. But they don't mean it.

Saturday I hiked in the Adirondacks. It was muddy. I could have sworn that I heard wolves in the distance. But if pressured I'd buckle and say they were dogs. Dogs that sound a lot like wolves. Apparently it was the opening day of muzzle-loader season. I met a hunter, but he was from the Finger Lakes and had no idea if there were wolves in the area.

I arrived at my Dad's in Oswego NY that night.

Sunday I met up with my grandma and a bunch of other relatives on the Johnson side. I also fixed my kayak and cleaned the van. The van was overdue for a cleaning, and, more importantly, everybody else was cleaning their own vehicles. When in Rome.

Monday I worked. Monday night I did 20 miles on the bike.

Tuesday I accomplished nothing. That and I ran the Scarlet Crusade Graveyard about a dozen times with my troll priest, Purplenose. That instance is so boring with 5 people, but the Random Dungeon Finder isn't all that random.

Wednesday I accomplished nothing. I must admit that Dad's internet is pretty good. Purplenose took up the Engineering profession. Leveling is kind of slow because I refuse to pay a premium for Copper Bars.

Thursday I visited my grandpa near Syracuse and cleaned a virus off his computer while arguing about politics.

Friday I maxed out Purplenose's Enchanting profession for my current level. I now have "Increased run Speed." I also bugged another player because I was farming linen cloth for Engineering where he was questing. But I eventually dinged 36. Only 4 more levels until I can get an epic mount, which in the case of trolls is little more than a fast moving paint shaker.

Friday night my step-brother scored free hockey tickets, but all of his friends opted to watch the Yankees on TV rather than Lakers college hockey. So one of those tickets went to me. Hockey is a lesser evil than baseball. I actually found the game very productive. I managed to type up most of this blog entry there. I'm not too into sports (no, really), so I always feel out of place in the trained populace of a sports arena. The only other event I know of where call and response is more orchestrated is a Catholic mass.

There was curiosity as to whether or not there were skunks in my dad's yard. So I put out my trailcam. The video is below, but do not watch it, because it is boring.

Saranac River

snow in the Adirondacks

Pigeon Lake Wilderness Area

Queer Lake

Windfall Pond

Dakota's day is pretty rough

Lake Ontario

Lakers versus Elmira

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