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Toxic Orchards


tl;dr: The weather doesn't like me. Neither do ants. Another cold day bicycling in California.

If it were 10 degrees warmer, or if I weren't directly bucking a growing headwind, or if the horizon wasn't speckled by rain clouds then I'd probably put in another few hours today. I'm just wimpy I guess, so I stopped at a motel in Lost Hills.

For the last two weeks it's been beautiful. As soon as I hit the road the weather turns. In fairness it turned yesterday, but my point stands. And that point is the weather doesn't like me.

Ants also do not like me. I took a break in an orchard where I was promptly bitten twice. I spend the entire day surrounded by swarming bees and I'm bitten by ants! These weren't fire ants, so I've got that going for me. The welts are still big and they itch.

It turns out my bicycle wasn't broken. It just needed adjusting. The rear gears work now.

Once again I traversed miles and miles of orchards. There were a lot of workers out and about on four-wheelers and trucks. They were to a man wearing hazmat suits. After a while it started to make me nervous. What could require such precaution? And why was I biking through it? Perhaps it was all the bees.


rain and irrigation

whatever these are there are a lot of them

hazmat workers

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