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Oh No! Casey's is Leaking!


tl;dr: Back on my bicycle. I started off heading south into Illinois where I hit the Great River Trail.

A new month, a new bicycle trip. Hopefully this journey will be less boring than my previous two-week jaunt around Wisconsin. We shall see.

I started by leaving Wisconsin and entering the gravel roads of Illinois. It's really hard to tell which back roads are gravel by looking at a map. Here's a hint: they all are. Even so, it was well packed and easy to ride on.

I filled my water bottle from a tiling pipe beside a corn field. I wonder what awesome "Life Sciences" chemical soup I'm consuming now?

The forecast called for 83 degrees. So it hit 90 with humidity. Made it hard to see, what with all the sweat in my eyes.

I ate a late lunch in Savanna. When you are hungry KFC serves up some great over-medicated factory farm chicken. I should probably stop complaining about chemicals, as I will be doubling (at least) my consumption of junk-food while on the road.

From Savanna I peddled south on the Great River Trail along the Mississippi River. There is every indication that this trail was very much under water recently. Even so, the trail was made of surprisingly smooth asphalt. It cut its way through many scenic wetlands. The trail isn't very well marked everywhere, so on those occasions when you are disgorged onto a road it's not always clear where the trail picks up again. I missed large stretches of trail because of this.

I stopped at a gas station called Casey's to buy some chocolate milk (science says it's better for you than a sports drink). I used a spigot outside to fill my bottles, so water was running all over the ground. A lady walked by and proclaimed, "Oh no, Casey's is leaking!"

All in all it was a full day of biking: gravel, pavement, trails. I hit some steep hills and some gloriously flat flood plains. It was hot, but at one point I got rained on a little.

Though I was looking forward to camping, this area is just too urban. I found myself a hotel. I seem to be less of a purist about these things with every trip.


Mississippi River

Great River Trail in Savanna


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