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Camping on a bunker


tl;dr: Chicago Heights is treacherous, and Indiana is boring.

I broke camp early and quickly ran the Old Plank Road Trail to its end. This was followed by a 16-mile gauntlet through the traffic of Chicago Heights and into Indiana where I was able to get onto the Oak Savannah Trail.

Welcome to Indiana! There was no sign or anything. Or maybe I was just too busy trying to not get run over to notice.

The Oak Savannah Trail brought me into Hobart where I spent 30 minutes peddling around trying to find a place to plug in my laptop. Eventually I ended up sitting outside a Community Center listening to construction while I tried in vain to steal some wifi so I could participate in my conference call.

After eating lunch I continued east from Hobart on regular roads. Other than oddly unpredictable traffic patterns, Indiana is just boring so far. Unless you like corn and soybeans. I realized how boring it was when I reviewed all the pictures I took, which was approximately two.

I was kind of sore and tired, so I decided to stop a little early. I found a road that might be the entrance to public grounds, but that seems unlikely. I discovered myself in a giant field filled with dozens of dirt-covered, abandoned warehouses. One was especially overgrown with trees and its top made a very good campsite.

Chicago Heights

semi-buried warehouses

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