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Amish on Bicycles


tl;dr: Today I peddled over 100 miles, and I saw Amish on bicycles!

Apparently I had chosen to camp in the Industrial lands of Indiana. All night long I was subject to train horns, trucks and some incredibly loud PA system. Still, it was more quiet than suburbia.

There are lots of deer and turkey around here. It turns out I was near an animal preserve, although not all that public of one. There were many "contaminated areas" (see picture). It couldn't have been too contaminated, because there were a lot of deer. I guess when the local top predator is afraid of being blown up other critters thrive.

I had to bike many miles before finding coffee. Brutal. I should probably do something about that.

I met a bicycle weenie. Poor guy. We came to a "Road Closed" sign, but there was no way he was going to carry or push his bike across to the other side. I must admit, the integrity of his matching jersey, shorts and bicycle may have been severely compromised had they been accosted by dirt.

Oh look! There are Amish in a buggy! And there's a perfectly good horseshoe laying beside the road.

I have never biked through a full-on Amish community before. There were Amish baling hay, Amish buying and selling stuff. I saw three little Amilets in a tiny buggy behind a pony, and it was about the cutest thing I'd seen since those baby skunks out west. I wanted to stop and have them pose for a picture, but I figured that would just be creepy even by Amish standards. There were Amish drinking Pepsi, Amish playing baseball. But, best of all, there were Amish on bicycles, with the men still wearing their hats, and the women dresses and bonnets. But mostly there were Amish in buggies; buggies everywhere, and they all looked the same. But not a one failed to smile and wave as I peddled by.

And there are payphones everywhere.

I continued straight east. I must admin that this west to east direction isn't bad. I've had a tailwind since Illinois. That would help explain how I managed over 100 miles today. I was hoping to make it to Ohio, but I took too many breaks, and rain is coming.

contaminated area

Potato Creek State Park

yet more futile signs


loading up a lawn mower

Amish road wear

Amish playing baseball

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