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Houses houses houses


tl;dr: Feel the need to bike for a hundred miles through ostentatious middle-class housing? Might I suggest Ohio?

All the way across Indiana. All the way across Ohio. Houses. Houses. Houses. Do you know what it's like to bike for hundreds of miles and never, ever, not see somebody's house? I do, and it's kind of nice. Oh well. There's a reason I planned such a direct route across Indiana and Ohio.

The problem with not wearing sunscreen is the pain. The problem with wearing sunscreen is its adhesiveness. At times I become completely speckled by bugs. I'm like the Katamari Damacy of gnats.

My route took me through Coyahoga Valley National Park. It was okay. I'm learning to hate the smell of polluted rivers. I'm not sure what was being hunted, but all the cornfields were erupting with gunfire. It certainly wasn't deer, though, because they had no fear.

As usual finding a campsite was a pain. I biked by Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve. I figured it would be easy to find a campsite in a nature preserve. But the entire area (like so much of Northern Ohio) was saturated by rich houses. Eventually I just dived through some brush along the road and hoped nobody saw me.

It seems like the nights get noisier and noisier. Besides the usual coyotes, dogs, trucks, motorcycles and bugs I guess that's some kind of owl making that coughing-whining noise.

Vermilion River


Everett Road Covered Bridge


Tinkers Creek State Nature Preserve

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