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Down and Up in Pennsylvania


tl;dr: Pennsylvania sure is scenic. And steep.

I am finally justified in packing my rain poncho. It rained most of today.

Odd, by 11am I still don't have a caffeine withdrawal headache.

Google Maps' representation of the town of Cranberry is not very accurate. Specifically, Bob Evans is a lot further from the bicycle trail and at a much higher elevation than Google would have me believe.

Wow, Pennsylvania kicked my butt a little today. While it doesn't have the epic climbs you find out west (yet), all roads are either going down or they are going up. It's not a gentle down and up, either. Downhills are terrifying drops, and uphills are agonizing climbs. One after another. The only respite came when I hit the Sandy Creek Trail. This was by far the best trail I've ridden to date on this trip. It is well paved and much more scenic then other rail-to-trail conversions. Too bad it rained the whole time I was on it, and, unfortunately, the actual trail ended long before the green line on Google maps, forcing me back onto a highway. Fortunately there was a wide margin.

I stopped at another Super 8 in Clarion (the Autumn Leaf Capital of the World). There must have been a memo, because again I was placed as far as possible from the main lobby.

So far there are 200 miles on my new Brooks saddle. From the get-go it was more comfortable than the Bontrager it replaced.

sounds tasty

going down

Allegheny River

a bigger Allegheny River

Sandy Creek Trail

East Sandy Creek River

The Mays' Mill Tunnel

at first I thought I saw a bear

Sandy Creek Trail

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