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I don't want to scare you


tl;dr: Sometimes my bicycle is too quiet.

Say one thing about Pennsylvania, say it has good cell coverage. My phone has had a working signal every time I've checked it.

I left Clarion around 11am. I continued west on highways 555 and 28 mostly. These roads were very busy, but the shoulder was wide, so I just tuned out all the trucks and peddled.

Eventually I pealed myself away from the busy highways and found myself on mostly-deserted State Forest roads up around 2300 feet. Why can't all roads be this pleasant?

I had thought that once I left the State Forest it would be all downhill. While mostly true I soon met one steep hill. About half-way up the slope were two women walking a dog. I put the bike in low gear and started peddling. The dog never saw me. The ladies were chatting away and never looked behind. Eventually when I was still 10 yards away I decided I had better announce myself: "I don't want to scare you..." Both of them whipped around and screamed! One of them muttered, "too late."

We ended up talking for over an hour. Sandy offered to fill my water bottles (I insisted on well water over bottled water--a choice I stand behind) and loaded me down with some fruit. It turns out that Elk County's namesake is alive and well. The elk in this area are so numerous and tame that they have become a nuisance; eating shrubs and getting their antlers stuck in swing sets and getting hit by cars and such. There is also a healthy bear population, large coyotes, and occasional rattlesnakes.

I continued on. I thought I saw some elk, but they were only deer. I managed to find a campsite just as it was getting dark. Because nothing around here is level, my tent is basically balanced on a game trail between some stumps.

That's when I finally lost my cell signal.

very far away turkeys

State Forest Land

elk? no, just deer

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