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Erie Canal


tl;dr: After a break I decided to keep going. I'm on the Erie Canal and have stopped at the seediest motel ever.

I stayed nearly a week in Oswego NY and another day in Baldwinsville visiting family. Mostly I spent the days being lazy. Of course, today I thought of all the things I could have been doing. I should make a list.

Everybody is doing okay, by the way.

Apparently I've gotten taller, or at least this was a very common observation. Optical confusion. I had lost a good amount of weight due to my excessive intake of fast food, peanut butter, chocolate milk and fake mashed potatoes. Skinnier looks taller I guess.

I debated long and hard about continuing on this bicycle trip. It basically came down to this: I don't really have anything better to do.

It wasn't all that hot today, but it was humid.

After a thoroughly unenjoyable trek across Syracuse I'm finally on the Erie Canal trail system. Unfortunately this series of bicycle trails is not completely connected, but it's close enough. There is no shortage of carp in the Erie Canal.

My plan was to camp, but as I was leaving Utica, I found myself passing one increasingly seedy motel after another. It was muggy, and it was supposed to rain, and because sometimes I'm just not tough enough I decided to stop at the last motel. The sign said "low rates". In fact they weren't bad: $40, tax included, gets you a barely furnished room for the entire night with absolutely no paperwork. If you don't need a whole night, $25 gets you three hours. I paid in cash. I have stayed in a lot of bad motels over the years, so I am always a bit surprised when I find a new low. The walls were covered in mirrors. I folded the unwashed bedding up and threw it all in the corner, opting for my own sleeping bag and pillow instead. The air conditioning did work, but it leaked all over the floor. There was a window facing the interstate. It was obviously too high and small for somebody to fit through, but it was also obvious that somebody had tried. A piece of glass on the floor barely fit over the window to block out interstate sounds, and it fell back to the floor every time the front door was opened. The bathroom was clean.

Breitbeck Harbor in Oswego

hate it when flags are half-mast and I don't know why

Onondaga Lake

Old Erie Canal

another water bridge

Cross Island Chapel -- the world's smallest church

is Fall near?

Erie Canal locks

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