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Old Stage Trail


tl;dr: I took a route based on Google Maps. You'd think I'd learn. But I got to see some Vermont scenery.

It started raining here in earnest about thirty minutes before I checked into my motel on Monday. Except for a couple of hours here and there it has pretty much rained non-stop ever since. I stayed an extra day in the motel because it was so miserable out.

Maybe I should just go to Texas? It seems every trip I make sees an over-abundance of precipitation. I could single-handedly save the Texas economy just by bicycling through and being rained on.

Technically, this motel promises to have coffee and breakfast at 8AM, which is late in and of itself. Because I'm basically the only guest the owners don't get up even that early. So I decided to walk to a gas station a half-mile away to get some coffee. Turns out I was wrong. The owner of the motel does get up early, and then he goes to work at the gas station. Indians! They are hard-working folks, and they are generally very nice. But it's been my experience that most of them make the most retched coffee, even by my standards.

It seems I had other options, but when I discovered that a bridge was out on my route I picked a new route through the mountains using Google Maps. This wasn't the most mislead I've ever been by Google Maps, but it was the most...interesting.

I left Bennington on Burgess road, which promptly ended and turned into a rocky Old Stage Trail with Trail being the operative word. And by rocky, I don't mean gravel. I mean rocks. And it was steep. On a smooth surface that would have been a challenging climb, raising 1600 feet over only a couple of miles. As it was it turned into a nice hike through the mountains. I suspect I (literally) pushed that bicycle at least three miles.

With a trail like that you can only see so far. So every time I looked up and saw the top of a rise I thought, I'm finally at the top! Of course I wasn't. So I pushed on a little further. The trail started off bad and got worse. Soon I was basically pushing the bicycle up a small rocky stream. I consoled myself that it couldn't get worse. Of course it did. The rocks got bigger and the trail grew steeper. Still, it couldn't get worse yet. And for a while it didn't, but not worse than really bad is still really bad. When the trail narrowed I started running into spider webs one after another. Of course, eventually it did get worse yet. After a painstaking downhill I ended up at a river. Normally I'm sure I could have pushed the bike across a gently flowing creek. Thanks to two weeks of rain that was no longer the case. I pulled my bike apart and carried it through that cold, fast torrent. I had to cross that thing five times. The water only tripped me up three times. I was never swept away, but I was thoroughly soaked. I never thought I'd describe a good day of bicycling as one in which I didn't slice my tires on sharp rocks and wasn't swept away by a river.

Soon after that I intersected an actual gravel road and life was sweet.

There are signs warning to watch for moose. I'd sure like to see one.

I saw a lot more storm damage today. Some houses and businesses had been flooded, but mostly just lots of roads have been washed out. It is impressive how quickly they are being repaired, though.

About an hour before dark I started looking for a place to camp. All day long I've been biking through remote areas. As soon as I want to camp, there's one house after another. Every single time! Everybody wants to live in the woods, so everybody moves to the woods; then there are no more woods.

I have no cell signal here, and I just finished the second book in a trilogy on my phone, but I can't download the third. Life is hard sometimes.

we shall see

rocky road

really rocky road

extremely rocky road

how was this ever a road?

now it's a stream

now it's a swamp

now it crosses a river

wet again

gravel never looked so good

more storm damage

Wilmington, Vermont


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