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Hapless Trails


tl;dr: Another day poking along in New Hampshire. Their bicycle trails are horrible.

I spent the first part of the morning traveling downhill on deserted country roads that followed various creeks and rivers. It was quite pleasant.

After eating breakfast in Goffstown I figured I'd avoid busy Highway 101 by taking the Goffstown Rail Trail. That sucked. I jumped off when it got too sandy while following some strange route around posted property.

I needed to get off the trail anyway in order to visit a bike shop. My trusty handlebar bag of so many trips has finally started falling apart. I had to visit two different shops to find a replacement. Eighty bucks! Ouch. But it had to be done. I did learn that New Hampshire doesn't charge sales tax.

If I thought the Goffstown Rail Trail was bad, I hadn't seen anything. It's like the quality of bicycle trails spirals downward the further east I travel. The Rockingham Recreation Trail started off as mud puddles, followed by chunked-up asphalt, followed by large-rock gravel. Eventually I hit some smooth stretches, but there were so many large rocks embedded in the trail that I couldn't take my eyes off the path. It's like they don't want you to use these trails! As if all that wasn't bad enough, they let horses onto this trail! Horses destroy trails. It's bad enough that horses ruin the lives of their owners, but please don't subject the rest of us to them. On the plus side, I learned that my bicycle must be very well behaved, because it never panicked or tried to throw me or anything when it saw horses. The reverse was not true.

I gave up on the bicycle trail long before reaching my intended goal. Unfortunately, the roads I took instead ended up being very busy. It's another sad comment when busy roads are preferable to that bicycle trail.

I stopped early mostly because I was tired of biking in traffic. I've been told that attitudes in this state are different. New Hampshire's motto is "Live free or die" which effectively means that everybody assumes that everybody else is carrying a gun. It keeps everything civil.

good morning New Hampshire

Et tu, New Hampshire?


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