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Mainely tourists


tl;dr: Maine is a great place to see tourists. And coastlines.

I didn't sleep too well. There was a critter that kept waking me up. Early in the night it would snort, then snap its teeth for a while and finally let out a squeek of sorts. I could tell it was about a dozen yards off, but had no idea what it was. It repeated this performance for a while until I finally took advantage of my ear plugs. It still did wake me up throughout the night by scraping away at a tree. Eventually I figured out that it must be a porcupine. Sure enough when I climbed out of my tent I was able to spot it up in a nearby tree.

It took me a while to get into Maine; mostly because I stopped for coffee fifty yards short of the border and ended up talking to a retired veteran for a good long while.

I ate breakfast at a packed buffet in Wells. Because it was so packed I ended up sharing a table with a retired couple from the area. I am learning something. Every state has different taxes and politics, and the citizens of every state think they have it worse than the others. Anyway, the couple was really nice and gave me some tips on what to do when I finally do get to see moose in the wild.

I've noticed something in New Hampshire and now in Maine. Roads aren't burdened by an abundance of useless signs. I am noticing a distinct lack of "Road Narrows" and "Pass with Care" signs. It's almost like people around here must have common sense.

I have once again entered a tourism mecca. I made two loops around the Kennebunkport coast. In the first loop I came across some sort of dog walking march. I still don't know what that was all about. In the second loop I got to see the Bush Compound. I was two minutes short of watching President George Bush Senior himself as his boat took him waving past a small group of tourists. I only saw the boat as it was powering away with a second Secret Service boat tailing.

The houses and cars in this area are extravagant. They don't seem as ostentatious as those I saw down along the Florida Coast, but they definitely feel richer.

Over the last few days I've had a lot of people ask me about my travels. For some reason everybody seems overly interested in how many flat tires I've experienced. So far I'd been happy to announce that I hadn't had a single flat. Jinx. Today I ran over a staple. Let the air right out.

Because of all the tourists the roads are very busy. Fortunately most of the highways have a wide shoulder. After a while I just sort of tuned out everything and just kept peddling north to Portland.


Welcome to Maine!

Welcome to Maine! Again!


the Bush Compound

the Maine coast

surfer girls

flat tire

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