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Mainely Traffic


tl;dr: I biked through Portland and visited the Desert of Maine. I am growing tired of the traffic.

I was told the canneries in Portland would smell bad. Well, they smelled like fish, but it was sort of a fresh fish smell.

A large tour ship was docked in Portland and tourists on foot were everywhere. A number of souvenir stands had popped up to accommodate them.

I paid $10.50 to visit the Desert of Maine. I am usually suspicious of any attraction with a big wooden fence around it, but I wanted to see what it was all about. Apparently bad farming practices led to sand dunes. There was also a butterfly park where I was able to successfully count three butterflies. I arrived a couple minutes too late to take the 30 minute tour, so I walked around the area in 20 minutes and then left without taking the next tour which was included in my admission.

Bicycling in Maine is starting to suck. The traffic is unbelievable. Perhaps I am a victim of my own expectations. Nothing makes me grumpier than having cars zooming by for four hours. So I am giving up on the coast for now. There were a few things I wanted to see, but I am too outgunned by the other tourists' vehicles to challenge them for rights to the road.

I turned inland. I got off Highway 1 thinking a secondary Highway 127 would be better. It was worse. So I then proceeded onto the very back-roadest of back roads. The traffic is still heavier than it has any right to be, but at least it's tolerable. Of course these roads don't go in any sort of straight lines, so they make my route half again as long. Also, the back roads here do not discriminate against hills.

Once on the back roads I found miles of forest. Finally, now that I'm in the backwoods of Maine I shouldn't have any trouble finding a camping spot, right? Wrong. Just as the sun was ducking toward the horizon houses started springing up like mushrooms. Every single time!

I eventually just dived into an inconvenient plot of woods between some houses.

So I am not very impressed with Maine, yet. Hopefully that will change when I'm further east.

Portland art

sand museum

oh boy chipmunks

the Desert of Maine

one of three

hill hill hill hill hill hill

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