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The Hills!


tl;dr: How can I describe today in Maine? Hills, hills, hills, hills, traffic, hills, hills, porcupines.

The hills. Holy cow. The hills. My legs. They burn! The hills! I have never peddled up so many hills. Up a hill. Down a hill. All day long. I hate the down hills, because they always lead to more up hills. Up. Down. Up. Down. The hills aren't high like out West, but every up is steep. Every down is on roads so rough that I couldn't build up any speed. And it was warm and humid. My mind became numb, and I just pressed on.

Eventually I ran out of back roads and was again forced onto the highways. The busy busy highways. And there were still the hills.

I am still learning that nobody eats breakfast at diners in the Northeast. It's some sort of cultural thing. I sat at the Windsor Diner in Windsor eating breakfast, studying my map, and editing this blog for about an hour, and I was the only customer the entire time.

Near Bucksport I crossed over the Penobscot River on the Waldo-Hancock Bridge. This was a neat looking bridge. But who makes a modern bridge that narrow?

I stopped early again. Because of the hills. And the trucks. And because I found a good spot to camp in a hiking area and didn't want to get burned by another night of rural urban houses.

As I set up my tent, the dragonflies were swarming. I'm told that people stock their ponds with dragonflies to help deal with all the other bugs. I still got bit by mosquitoes.

There is no shortage of porcupines, either. I found two just while hiking around.



narrow Waldo-Hancock Bridge


another porcupine

setting up camp

yet another porcupine

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