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Arcadia National Park


tl;dr: Today I visited Arcadia National Park. Oh look, another scenic coastal view!

Yesterday was a very short day of bicycling. It was threatening to rain, and I had work to do, so I found a relatively inexpensive motel and ended the day early.

Today my plan was to loop around Arcadia National Park and then take the ferry from Bar Harbor to Winter Harbor. I found out too late that the ferry was no longer running. That meant I had to leave Desert Island the same way I came in. Had I planned better I could have left most of my gear at the hotel I had stayed in last night and picked it up again on the way back through. Then I wouldn't have had to drag all of it around with me for 40+ miles.

Arcadia National Park is nice. Oh look, another scenic coastal view! Much of the loop road around the park is one-way, but has two lanes, which worked out well for me. When I reached the southern end of the loop I took the Carriage Trails back north. These are used by horse-drawn carriage tours. Though one of Arcadia National Park's hallmarks is Cadillac Mountain, most of the roads were pretty tame. Much time seems to have been spent improving the grade. The Carriage Trails in particular were very pleasant to peddle on.

Other than many water birds and a few chipmunks I didn't see any critters in the park. I still haven't seen a moose, and I don't think I've seen a deer yet in Maine.

Of course once I was out of the park it was back into the insane traffic of tourist Maine.

I found a place to camp in some woods down a snowmobile path. I can still hear the cars. And I can hear a dog barking. I believe there is at least one idiot in every town in America who feels the need to leave a dog outside their house barking all night long.

good morning Maine

what most of Arcadia National Park looks like

The Beehive from Sand Beach

Sand Beach

crab pot floats

houses owned by people with more money than you

horses on the Carriage Road

Jordan Pond from a Carriage Road

back into traffic

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