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I am farther east than you


tl;dr: I am finally in real Maine, and I've visited the easternmost point of the USA. Still haven't seen a moose.

I spent the night listening to the loud guttural howling of coyotes and sea birds. It was supposed to get down to 36 degrees, but I don't think it did here; likely because I was camped so close to the ocean.

I am finally in Maine! The last week spent in Chicago I mean Los Angels I mean Southern Maine was disappointing, but now, finally, I am truly in Maine. It's too bad Maine doesn't start until just 20 miles shy of the Canadian border, because I would have liked to enjoy more of the quiet Maine coast.

Like I said, it was warm where I camped, but I was within a couple hundred yards of the water. Once my route brought me inland about about a mile the temperature dropped drastically. It's cold in Maine!

Route 191 is a nice quiet road looping its way along the coast and through several sleepy fishing villages. I spent a good deal of time sitting on a bench on a pier in Cutler watching the fishing boats bobbing in the outgoing tide while eating a cold breakfast. Nobody bothered me. I can only assume that those docks would be a beehive of activity during the week, but on this early Sunday morning I had the place to myself. This is Maine.

I visited Quoddy Head State Park where I was farther east than you! (Assuming you are in the USA, of course.) This was my second goal for this bicycle trip.

Unfortunately, I still haven't seen a moose. But I did find some tracks along the road, so I must be getting closer.

I ended the day in a motel outside of Lubec. I have traveled 1924 miles so far this bicycle trip. It doesn't seem like much.

good morning Cutler VLF Transmitter

low tide

Cutler Harbor


breakfast on the pier

moose tracks

Easternmost Point in the USA

West Quoddy Lighthouse

everybody needs a shtick


there's Canada

Johnson Bay

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