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North into Real Maine


tl;dr: After a stay in the Eastman Motel in Lubec I am back on the road heading north. Blueberries! But no moose!

I spent three nights in the Eastman Motel outside of Lubec. It was a very nice stay. I had planned on hitting the road again on Tuesday, but that morning I was just too lazy.

I'm back onto Highway 1 (for the most part), going north this time. It's not so bad now that I'm in Real Maine. Between towns it's mostly just me and the logging trucks.

This part of Maine is very poor. You either work in tourism or logging or fishing, or you don't work. Even so there are an incredible number of round people. And by round, I mean spherical.

Maine has blueberries. I found a field alongside the road and must have eaten a half-dozen hand fulls of them before moving on. They are smaller than the ones from California, but they taste good, and not just because pilfered produce tastes better. Maine also has an abundance of unattended apple trees, but I still haven't sampled a really good apple.

At one point a guy in a big diesel pickup pulls up to the highway, checks for traffic, and almost runs me over. I saw him coming, though. I always assume everybody is trying to run me over. His eyes got big a saucers when he finally noticed me staring at hime through his driver-side window from about three feet away.

I met an older guy named Lowell on Highway 1. He was heading south from Baxter State Park with a hiking backpack strapped to the rear of his bicycle. He had hiked in and out over about thirty miles of the Appalachian Trail. I asked if he had seen any critters. He answered, "Chipmunks, birds and thru-hikers. After six months on the trail those guys can be considered critters." No bears or moose.

After biking most of the day through non-stop forest, I thought I was going to have a fit when I reached Topsfield just as it was getting near sunset and suddenly there were houses everywhere. Fortunately, another twenty minutes of peddling pushed me past most of them.

And I still haven't seen a moose. But I saw a lot of caterpillars of various types.

I set up camp in a fairly nice location near a lake. It is proving hard to relax enough to fall asleep, though. Coyotes keep circling my tent. It's a little disconcerting.

these are the kinds of roads I like

finally a critter

big green caterpillar

blueberry field

Meddybemps Lake

Highway 1 without traffic

good night Maine

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