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Mainely Trees


tl;dr: The quiet roads of Real Maine are bordered by trees and patrolled by logging trucks and vicious dogs.

Critters all night long. It has been a while since I've slept anyplace with so much nocturnal activity. The coyotes were easy to identify because of their fast trotting and continuous nosy circling of my tent. Later came smaller animals running and scampering through the leaves and the sounds of night birds both flying and squeaking. And we are neigh unto Fall, so a steady dropping of leaves and sticks filled in the gaps.

It's just as well that I heard critters, because I went another day without seeing any. Unless you count cats. I saw a lot of cats. And mosquitoes. Clouds of mosquitoes.

I am definitely getting into the quiet part of Maine now. I spent hours on lonely roads with nothing to look at but trees on either side. I like it. There were plenty of logging trucks on the busier roads, but even those weren't bad. I usually even pulled off the road for them. But, one time, I was near the top of a hill and a truck was coming up behind me, so I thought I'd pull into the gravel. Suddenly an ugly black dog starts chasing me with real intent on snagging my ankles. I started kicking at it and was forced back into the road, which forced the truck to slow and wait for me to get out of the way. It seems that every time a dog makes an earnest attempt on my ankles some vehicle is right behind me complicating matters.

As I said before, this area incredibly poor. And junky. Some houses are surrounded by so much junk I actually thought it might be some sort of business. Occasionally I come across small grocery stores with a diner built in. These are very...quaint, but the food is good. There are farms here as well, but it can't be an easy life, because the soil is 50% gravel.

another foggy rainy day

fall color

restaurant in Macwahoc

Bento's Grocery and Diner

this motel is now closed

no moose

no moose here either

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