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Annoying Noises


tl;dr: I'm continuing on into Central Maine, and am forced to pay for camping at Baxter State Park.

I ate all-you-can eat haddock at Debbie's Deli and Pizza in Patten. The front door of Debbie's beeps whenever it is opened. It continues to beep until the door very slowly swings closed on its own. Debbie's was very busy. That was the most annoying sound ever.

Today I learned that "running" moose is illegal. Apparently moose aren't very smart. If they are in the road when a car approaches, they may start trotting away down the road rather than veer into the woods. If you follow the moose with your car it will keep trotting along until it dies. Of course, I saw no moose.

I have seen grouse, or partridge as they say around here. At first I just saw a puff of feathers where one had gotten hit by a car. But eventually I saw several real live birds. They are hard to photograph, because they are basically invisible until you are right on top of them, and then they run away.

It's also hard to photograph critters with squeaky brakes, and my brakes squeak. It's more of a squeal or a really excited squawk. Suffice to say that when I want to stop everybody knows it. Occasionally, if I could see ahead and know that my brakes would embarrass me I'd spray them with WD40. As you might imagine, this seriously impaired their functioning, but boy were they quiet. Unfortunately, the WD40 wore off very quickly.

I made it to Baxter State Park in the late afternoon. Baxter State Park has RULES. And they are strictly enforced. Fortunately, those rules do not restrict bicycling (as long as I stayed on the road). I could tell they don't get a lot of cyclists, because in two separate cases the rangers I met seemed flummoxed when they told me to keep my pass in my windshield. They also seemed to think the gravel roads of the park would be a problem for me. Hah. Those were about the nicest roads I'd been on all day.

I paid to camp. Sigh. It was a necessary cost of bicycling through Baxter State Park. This park has rules after all. It's not about the money, though $30 is bit crazy. Public camping has none of the conveniences of a motel room, and it certainly doesn't have the privacy of bushwhacking. There are other people here. It just feels unnatural. If I were really camping and heard voices or had a car drive by at a dozen yards, I'd have an initial panic followed by a very quiet wait to see if I were discovered.

Just to north of my assigned Campsite 19, somebody has armed a group of epileptics with high-power flashlights. Just to the south a group of kids is getting drunk. Just to the west is an outhouse.

biking toward Baxter State Park

looking toward Baxter State Park

welcome to Baxter State Park

caterpillar montage

I paid to camp

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