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Mainely Sick


tl;dr: Over the last 2 days I have covered barely any ground thanks to a cold. Still no moose, but a big spider.

It's not much fun biking when you're sick. It's also not much biking down here in Lesser Maine.

Yesterday, I made a decent attempt at putting a hurt on a Chinese buffet in Newport, so I didn't even hit the road until almost noon. An hour and a half later, I was already tuckered out. I'd had a sore throat since the previous night, and now my nose was running.

I stopped at the Lake George Regional Park to rest, and I sat beside the lake reading for an hour until suddenly a great big spider was climbing up my chest. Normally spiders don't bother me. In fact, I had already flicked away several while reading. This spider properly startled me.

I briefly considered trying to set my tent up in the park, but I didn't think I'd be left alone, so I ended up biking for another couple hours before finding a good place to stop. I'm in Lesser Maine again, which means there are houses everywhere.

This morning I pulled myself out of my tent and forced myself down the road. If anything, I felt worse. I was sluggish, my legs were more sore than usual, and I had a headache. I drank two large coffees at McDonald's, but this didn't help much. Eventually I set my tent up along the Whistle-Stop Trail (which wasn't a very good trail by the way) and just laid in there watching mosquitoes trying to find a hole in my defensive netting for a couple hours.

I couldn't just sit still, so even though I don't care for drugs (other than coffee) I downed a couple of Advil and pushed on for another few hours until I found a hotel.

It's not even a bad cold. I have easily dealt with worse. But I guess I've never attempted to bicycle for eight hours while sniffling. This should teach me to be more careful about staying warm at night. That is, I should have slept within my cold-weather sleeping bag rather than on top of it all those nights last week when it was cold and wet.

I didn't make it very far either day. Which is becoming more and more the case, anyway, now that we're down to less than 12 hours between sunrise and sunset.

And in case you are wondering, I didn't see a moose. Although, too be fair, I wasn't all that alert.

another caterpillar

Lake George Regional Park


The Whistle-Stop Trail

Wilson Stream in East Wilton

no moose

Webb River in Dixfield

NewPage paper mill in Rumford

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