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Mainely Trespassing


tl;dr: I should learn not to bike in the rain. Still sick, I am again cold and wet. But I found a dry place.

This morning: I'm not feeling 100% yet, but a day biking in the warm sun will probably do me good. I look outside. Gah.

By studying the weather I determined that it would stop raining by 9AM. It did. I figured I'd then have a couple of hours of no rain. I did. I also figured that it might rain a bit here and there throughout the afternoon. It didn't. It rained the rest of the day. It never stopped. And it never got warm.

I passed a hitchhiker. He was wearing a camouflage coat. Note to self: Never try to hitchhike with camouflage clothing. It increases the creepiness factor by about three times.

So once again I accumulated almost no miles. I was told that Highway 2 is very scenic. Meh. Of course, limited visibility due to rain and fog sort of ruins scenic. It also doesn't help when your glasses don't have wipers. And I certainly saw no moose. Actually, I did see two deer yesterday, if that counts for anything. They were the first deer I had seen in Maine.

Even with my rain gear I was wet and cold by early afternoon. Again. Eventually I decided that I really needed to get out of the rain. That's when I came across the [redacted] Lodge and Cabins. Unfortunately, the place was deserted. In fact it seems they are closed for the season (or longer). Well, I could still get out of the rain for a bit. I picked one of the cabins that had a large screened-in porch. That would be a good place to sit. The front door of the cabin was locked, of course, but, hey, those windows are wide open. Still, I sat on the porch for an hour hoping the rain would stop. When I finally decided that it wasn't ever going to stop, I climbed through the window, let myself in, and made myself comfortable. It turns out the cabin is pretty nice. The water had been shut off, but there was still electricity. And the futon is really comfortable. I picked that over the queen and the loft beds.

I spent the rest of the day reading in warm comfort and carefully remembering not to use my single toilet flush. I also made sure I didn't turn on any lights or accidentally shine my flashlight out the window.


escaping the rain

free cabin

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