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Most boring trip ever?


tl;dr: I've set off on another trip: Down the mighty Pecatonica River!

Sometimes I think a plan through, and I come to the conclusion that it's not a good plan. And then I go through with it anyway.

Early this afternoon I dragged my kayak into the mighty Pecatonica River and began paddling. I saw plenty of ducks and geese and almost no people, which suited me just fine. I did meet one boat.

I stopped early, because, as usual, I had put almost zero effort into conditioning myself for this voyage (other than mentally preparing for boredom and muscle ache). My shoulders were already getting sore. Also, I wanted to take extra time to re-pack all my gear, as my initial just-make-it-fit approach left things hard to find. And, apparently, my boat has a slight leak back by the skeg. Nothing serious, but I probably shouldn't pack clothes there.

Using Google Maps I drew a distance line from my campsite to where I started. 10 whole miles. I could probably have walked here faster. The Pecatonica does like to meander.

After setting up my tent I heard a dog barking in the distance. Stupid barking dog. But it steadily got closer. eventually I looked across the river to see running turkeys followed by deer and then more turkeys and then more deer. Finally I could hear the barking dog run by, but I never did see it. I heard it bark off and on throughout the evening at various distances. The river here makes a giant loop. Finally the dog made one last pass on my side of the river. I watched the hound lope by at 100 yards. Once darkness arrived the dog shut up for the night.

Zimmerman Landing

here I go

so many geese


so many ducks


McConnell Bobtown Landing

apparently I have a leak

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