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Worst campsite ever.


tl;dr: All night long the wind attempted to destroy my tent. All day long the wind attempted to destroy my soul.

It turns out camping on an island is a really stupid idea when the forecast calls for 25 mph winds with gusts up to 40 mph all night long. After a few hours of the tent being knocked around I eventually removed the rain fly, because it was basically a sail. I used it as a blanket instead, because there was still a chance for rain. But that wasn't enough. After a few more hours of failing to sleep in that ceaseless howling as the tent bounded and sagged and jerked around I became worried that the poles were actually going to bend too far and be ruined. So I removed those as well. The rest of the night (which wasn't much) was spent within a collapsed tent with the canvas whipping against my face.

That wind did not let up with the morning. Instead it slowly positioned itself to esnure the most misery. Paddling directly into a 30 mph wind for hours on end is...disheartening. At times I paddled as hard as I could just to hold position. If I stopped paddling I immediately stopped and began drifting backwards. On several stretches of river the wind got the waves running at over three feet. I would crash through one after another after another as if I were in the ocean. Oddly enough the water was warm. Some of the swells and waves were very impressive, but that very impressiveness thwarted any attempt by me to take a picture.

This ended up being one of those days when you just push and push and don't really think about anything else. I just put my head down and pressed forward. On those occasions when the wind wasn't too insane swallows shadowed me. I guess I was a novelty to them. Though I wasn't looking around, it was pretty hard to miss all the boats washed up on shore. Rockford sure does seem to lose a lot of boats.

After six hours of torture I stopped for a quick break at a park near Oregon, Illinois. I almost tumbled over getting out of the kayak because my legs barely worked. I couldn't hardly walk. I'm not sure if they were numb, or if I had just diverted all strength to my arms. Either way, another sign I need more exercise.

I paddled a little further to the Paddlewheel Inn, where I plan to spend much of the week catching up on work. I'm sort of surprised I made it. I wonder if I will be able to use my arms tomorrow?

For being right on the river, this hotel has no easy access to the water. What a pain.


another lost boat


rough water



Paddlewheel Inn

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