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St. Louis


tl;dr: I paddled through St. Louis. It was not fun.

If you ever have the opportunity to canoe or kayak the Mississippi down past St. Louis, don't. It sucks. Unless your idea of a good time is dodging giant collections of barges and towboats in an unforgiving current and extremely choppy water. Even on the water big cities are no fun.

I have reconsidered my interest in photographing every towboat I see, partially because it would have been impossible to do so today. For mile-long stretches to take a hand off my paddle would have resulted in immediate swamping. And the barges! They were stacked eight deep right up to the bank! That means I had to push a hundred yards out into the river just to get around them. And hate-to-be-you if you can't make that hundred yards before the current carries you to those barges.

I was so happy when I reached the end of that shipping container jungle after two hours of dodging, portaging, and paddling like mad.

The rest of the day was spent trying to decide where best to paddle. Should I stick to the relatively slow current along the shore where there were things to see and I didn't have to be on guard, or did I push out into the fast current where I almost doubled my speed? What usually happened was that I ended up between the two in a broiling mess of switching currents.

Near the end of the day I was tired of paddling, but I had a slight tailwind, so I deployed my sail and drifted along the Illinois-side bank for a while before spotting a beautiful beach to camp on. Good enough reason to stop.

What is up with people? I find an awesome beach so I stop early. Ten minutes later a guy shows up in a boat and starts fishing right next to me. Fine, I think, because there is sort of a little bay here. But then he beaches his boat, unfolds a lawn chair, and starts sunning himself! Right next to me. I could hit him with a rock from where I'm eating my summer sausage and Ritz dinner. He has to know I'm here. I considered just getting back on the river, but the shirtless creeper should realize before long that it isn't actually that warm.

Because the mosquitoes have yet to make any sort of real appearance I decided to forgo the tent tonight. We'll see how that goes.

the Missouri River

that's above sea level

a flock of cranes

Chain of (Trucks) Bridge


building a new bridge

waterfront property


as if there aren't already enough bridges

bad panorama of the Gateway Arch

photographing tourists photographing me

the fun begins

barges barges everywhere

blocked in

barge repair

just go away

goodnight Mississippi River

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