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tl;dr: I continued dodging carp and chasing eagles all the way up to Metropolis.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but camping along these rivers is great. Other than those towboats and occasional animal cries it is all very quiet. And due to my isolation I never have to concern myself with "stranger danger". There is almost nobody on these rivers during the day, and even fewer at night.

It was pretty hot today. Fortunately a continuous procession of leaping carp kept me well splashed. I lost count of how many went over the deck. Some cleared it by a good three feet. Another almost landed in my lap, but I had an open container of granola that I didn't want fish slimed, so I batted the carp away. I really wanted to get a picture of those carp, but that proved impossible.

I came across some catfish trappers. They were hauling a trap out of the water as I arrived. There were a bunch of little guys and one great big catfish that could have weighed forty pounds. It's hard to see in the picture.

The day was spent chasing eagles upriver, scaring turtles off their logs and dodging carp. I saw a coyote and some deer, both of which gave me a good long stare before deciding I was worth running away from.

I had to cross the river again to get back on the north shore. Unlike when I was on the Mississippi, I have to make a real effort to cross the Ohio River. Not only does it take a good twenty minutes, but I have to fight the current or I end up downstream.

I stopped at a hotel in Metropolis where I will spend a few days before continuing on.


building a new lock and dam

catfish trappers

got a big one


more turtles

water levels

Welcome to Metropolis

panorama of Fort Massac

giant Superman statue

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