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Tennessee River


tl;dr: I've finished with the Ohio River and am now paddling up the Tennessee River.

The Ohio River dropped another three feet or so while I was in Metropolis.

The Ohio River is fun and all, but I am finished with it. At Paducah I took a right turn onto the Tennessee River.

I am now on the 4th most polluted river in the country, which is not intuitive considering how clear the water is. I forgot how nice it is to be able to see down to the tip of my paddle. Speaking of pollution rankings, I've already hit the 1st (Mississippi), 3rd (Ohio) and 11th (Rock). Somehow, even though it is Chicago's drain pipe, the Illinois wasn't ranked.

I talked to a number of fisherman today. And a kid at the Paducah public boat landing informed me that "ahoy" was the only proper greeting when on the water.

The Tennessee River may be the busiest river I've yet been on. There are barges and fisherman coming and going. Even finding a campsite was a bit of a challenge. And then two fisherman show up in their boat and anchor right in front of me. That's just awkward, and not at all necessary; this river may be smaller than the Ohio, but it's still huge.

I'm stuck

more barges

Ohio River on left, Tennessee River on right

a few tugs

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