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New Johnsonville


tl;dr: Another few days of paddling ends in New Johnsonville. It's hot. The weather, not the town.

I didn't sleep too well, again. I think I pulled a muscle or something dragging that kayak over the Kentucky Dam. It was finally quiet, though. I guess the fishing tournaments are over.

The forecast had called for a decent north wind, so instead of trying to find a hotel yesterday I decided to push on another day and take advantage of the wind. What a waste. A slow tailwind is much worse than a moderate headwind--especially when it's hot. Of course it's hot; I'm in the South. With a slow tailwind you effectively have no breeze at all, because the air is keeping up with you. The lake still keeps most of the clouds away.

Had I not needed to get some work done, I probably would have stopped early today. Instead I pressed forward in an ibuprofen fueled haze to the town of New Johnsonville. I suspect I will be paying for this.

The Anchor Inn in New Johnsonville was my final destination. I was able to pull my kayak right up to my room, which was next door to a lady who I suspect did not have soda in that big styrofoam cup. She in turn was next door to a black guy who had a loud radio playing badly skipping CDs as he packed his truck, because he finally found an apartment that was cheaper than the hotel. Colorful folk. The town sheriff is hiding in the parking lot to catch speeders, so I'm sure all will be well.

It seems I scraped off my keel patch. That explains all the water in my kayak. Fortunately I had filled the back of my kayak with bar top resin. Unfortunately it still let some water through, and I seem to have lost my sponge. Guess I have more work to do.


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