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Trashy Beaches


tl;dr: Dew on the ground. Trash on the beach. Friendly folks in McIntosh. It's hot and humid. I'm stopping early.

I awoke to the peculiar smell of a hot soldering iron. No idea.

I didn't sleep too well. Once again I picked a campsite that had been baked by the sun all day. This baked earth then radiates heat up into my tent all night. Eventually I will learn. Here's a disturbing trend: just about every night I wake up at least once in a slight panic, because I somehow perceive that the river has risen all the way to the base of my tent. Of course it hasn't. This even happens to me in hotels, though not as often. I'm not sure why this occurs, although the fact that that exact scenario actually happened to me once in the past probably explains a little.

There was a wicked dew last night, soaking everything. This is only the third night on this entire trip I've had dew. What's up with that?

There are a lot of beaches. Actually, sand bars would be a better description. However, just about every one has garbage piles on it from past camping or partying. I hate litter.

I stopped at the boat landing near McIntosh hoping to find some water. There was none, but a retired guy and his ten-week old Jack Russel Terrier gave me a ride to a house where I could fill up. Very nice of him.

I've heard many a warning about racism in the South. Oddly enough, twice today I saw black guys and white guys in the same boat. I have never seen this before. Anywhere. I think racism isn't as alive as a lot of people wish it were.

I stopped early. Again. Why? Because it's freaking hot and humid, and I'm fighting a tide current most of the day, and I'm tired from paddling for six days now, with probably another day and a half until I'm to my next stop. I need to dry out my gear from the dew last night, and I need to patch my sleeping pad again. That's why.

good morning U.S. Coast Guard

all the beaches here have trash on them

instrument panel

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