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tl;dr: Mobile Bay: Pelicans, pelicans, pelicans, houses, piers, pelicans, salt, dolphins and alligator tracks.

Hey look, pelicans! Oooo, more pelicans. Over there, pelicans on logs. Over here, pelicans in the water. There are pelicans flying and diving. Pelicans. Pelicans. Pelicans. All day long. Thousands and thousands of pelicans.

You know what else I saw all day long? Houses. Just about every inch of beach for twenty miles is private. With piers. And every 4th pier is low to the water so I can't paddle under it, forcing me out farther...

Where the waves are bigger. Because it's windy. Very windy. Right out of the south. I'm heading south. I spent much time bailing out my kayak before I learned to roll properly with the waves I was constantly fighting, keeping the water from spilling into the cockpit. Water also splashed and sprayed liberally. Salt water. By the end of the day my sunscreen had washed away only to be replaced by a crusty layer of salt and a sunburn.

At least it wasn't hot. This wind coming off the ocean is actually quite pleasant. And I was able to spot some dolphins, although photographing them turned out to be challenging.

The houses didn't end until it was just about dark, so my camping choices were limited. Even though I've learned I should set up in areas that spend the day well shaded, nothing like that presented itself. I settled for a grassy stretch of sand between a creek and Mobile Bay. That alligators use to get back and forth. A lot.

breaking first rule automatically breaks second

leaving Daphne AL

scaring up pelicans and seagulls

you'd be surpised at how bad this smells


more pelicans


yet more pelicans

miles and miles and miles of this

alligator tracks

good night Mobile Bay

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