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Duck Key


tl;dr: From Florida City to Duck Key. I will be staying at Hawks Cay Resort for (hopefully) only a couple weeks.

I spent a day and night in Florida City getting cleaned up and a new tire for my van. Then I was off to my first real stop: Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key. It's for work.

The resort is nice. Too nice for me. I'd never actually stop here on my own. (Correction: I actually did stop here on my ill-conceived Florida Hike back in 2005 looking for water, but was scared off by police.) But I'm here now for work. We are implementing software in both the Retail and F&B departments.

I've been to the Florida Keys a few times. The people here are about as rude as anyplace I've ever been, and that doesn't make sense to me. This place is supposed to be laid back, but between McDonald's, Winn Dixie and K-Mart I've seen more aggressive line cutting by self-important folks than I've seen anyplace ever. For all time. And everybody calls me "Sir" which I suspect really means "I despise you but I shall again remind myself that I was indoctrinated as a child to be polite."

It always amazes me how little ocean you can actually see while cruising around. Another vancam follows in which my point is proven. Duck Key is only about half way to Key West. Also, that blue car that shows up about half way through does not have cruise control.

Hawks Cay

Duck Key

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