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Another Day in Paradise


tl;dr: One day is pretty much the same as another in the Florida Keys.

It's warm here, but not too hot. And humid. It's warm and humid every day. Every single day. It rains a bit every day or two. And it's often windy. So when you happen to be reading this, the weather in the Florida Keys will be warm and humid and windy with a chance of rain. Yes, right now. Or yesterday. Or tomorrow. I was told it got cold a few years ago. It sounded like the cold killed a bunch of iguanas. But I'm not sure if it was the cold or the fact that after all the iguanas fell out of the trees, people picked them up and cooked them. Apparently, those that didn't get eaten thawed out a few days later and went back to doing whatever it is iguanas do.

I spend a lot of time gathering business requirements and coding. I'm not getting much help here with that. Only one person on the entire property seems to have a vision for this project, and he's way too busy with other things. Everybody else is afraid of change. Not a good sign.

Occassionally I go bicycling. Sometimes I go east. Sometimes I go west. It usually depends on what direction the wind is from that day. I like to start off biking into the wind, and then let it push me back to Duck Key. There are bike paths that go over the fishing bridges. Once I bicycled all around Duck Key. It wasn't real interesting, unless you enjoy seeing endless houses that you can't afford owned by people who won't be here until their summer homes become too cold.

My hotel room is dreary. It's on the bottom floor, and the tinted patio windows are shaded by palm trees.

Sometimes I drive or bike into Marathon for groceries. But there is employee dining at Hawks Cay that I take advantage of. I haven't eaten in any of their actual restaurants. I just go into the very small employee cafateria and help myself to whatever happens to be on the line that day (or whatever happened to be left over from a banquet yesterday). It's good enough for me.

good morning Florida

trying to help with this

and maybe this

goodnight Florida

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