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Third Floor and Flooded


tl;dr: After two weeks in the hotel I moved into an apartment, which promptly flooded.

After two weeks of living in a hotel room, it became apparent that I was going to be here for a while, yet. And also the hotel was about to reach 100% occupancy, and my room was needed for actual paying customers. So I was moved to a nice third-floor apartment overlooking the marina. This apartment has wrap-around windows allowing in a lot of light. I like that. I unpacked, set up my "office" and went to bed.

I almost always wake up around 4 AM when I'm on site (because of stress) (even on Saturdays). I almost never wake up to a half inch of water in my kitchen. But there it was. This got the sleep out of my eyes real quick. I checked all the obvious places for a leak. Nothing. I called the Island's control center and explained the problem. Eventually some unhappy person from maintenance showed up, followed by island security who seemed to be satisfied to be doing something rather than nothing.

We didn't find the leak. Maintenance turned off the building's water. Then we thought to check the office below my apartment. Flooded. The ceiling tiles had caved in and water was pouring from above. This was kind of an emotional set back. By this point I was convinced that the flood was somehow my fault. Both my apartment and the neighboring apartment had been empty for a month. I move in, and suddenly there's a flood. Occam's Razor says I am the cause. Also, the flooded office below me is the Finance office, the financial nerve-center of the entire island, the office of the controller who brought us on site in the first place. This couldn't end well.

My apartment was flooded. The floor tiles had somehow absorbed water and begun expanding to the point that the floor was heaving up. Finance was flooded. I had ripped some of their computers off the floor and placed as many garbage cans as I could find under the still-flowing water (because, inexplicably neither maintenance nor security was much motivated to pit forth effort to detour disaster to what could arguably be the second-most important office on the island, with first being the data center).

The initial maintenance guy said that nothing could be done until "tomorrow." I thought, it is tomorrow! He left. Security left. I decided to pack up all my stuff, based on equal parts fear of being ordered to leave, expectations of building code regulations, and needing to do something.

Though the primary suspect in this disaster was myself, it oddly shifted away quickly. It turns out that a neighbor two doors down had decided that the refrigerator in the apartment next to mine was nicer than his. In his attempt to move it, and subsequently move it back when it wouldn't fit in his apartment, he managed to damage the water line feeding the ice and water dispensers. The rest is physics.

I continued to help clean for the remainder of the morning, mostly by myself. I shop-vaced the entire Finance office to get the water out of the carpet. Later in the day after things were reasonably dry under the overworked, cranked-up air conditioning (and after the somewhat seedy-looking maintenance replacement finally left), I moved my stuff back in. It turns out they aren't too worried about building codes around here. Imagine that. By Monday morning most things were back to normal, with potentials for future mold being mostly ignored. Also, floor tiles continued to erupt. I ended up putting Finance's computers back together after IT never showed up. Fortunately, they all worked.

So things didn't end up as bad as I had feared. Though for days I was puzzled about the utter complacency of all who even bothered to respond to this minor disaster. I had much to learn about Duck Key.

I'm in the yellow building, third floor, all the way to right

before the flood

after the flood

token effort

view from front door

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