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Wanna Iguana?


tl;dr: There are a lot of critters in the Florida Keys.

There are a lot of critters in the Florida Keys. I've taken some pictures. I even put one of my trailcams out for a week, but all I got was some partial shots of scrawny raccoons. Unfortunately, most of the places to hang a trailcam around here are either entirely too thick for it to be much good, or the area is too exposed and the camera would likely be stolen.

At first I think I didn't see as many iguanas as I could have, only spotting those that were startled and raced off with all appendages flailing. Eventually I learned to see them. If you see an iguana and stop, you have about two seconds before it panics and flails off. Unfortunately my camera takes about four seconds to ready itself. I need a new camera.

sleepy iguanas


running iguana


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