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From Wisconsin to Texas


tl;dr: Today, Bud, Dan, Joe, Rob and Zane leave for pig hunting in Texas. I am chronicler.

This is not my story. I have been conscripted as chronicler of this adventure. All of what I record is true. Most of it is paraphrased.

Joe instructed Bud, Dan and Zane to arrive in time for a 7:30 departure from Browntown, Wisconsin on the morning of February 2, 2014. With months of planning behind him, Joe had determined the agenda for driving to Texas with clockwork precision. Bud was late. Zane was almost late, but he was weighed down by extra guns.

Bud is a professional snow plow driver, so he volunteered (with gusto) to drive the first stretch, because it hadn't not snowed in Wisconsin for days, and the roads were a bit of a mess. As he navigated the rented Ford Econoline van down Highway 11, the conversation went as such:

Joe: "Slow down."

We picked up our final passenger, Rob, outside of Gratiot and continued on. A lengthy discussion determining age dominance solidified Joe as our leader.

Joe: "Slow the #$%! down!"

Zane: "Vans always end up in the ditch upside down."

Bud: "We'll stay on the wheels. When you know all the cops, you don't have to worry about slowing down."

Joe: "Slow down!"


Bud: "There's abrasives on the road."


All: "#$%! flatlanders #$%!."

We reached Dubuque. Bud and Zane were arguing about directions. All yelled, "Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!" as we slid through an intersection. A snowplow driver eyed us up suspiciously (perhaps he knew Bud), but no damage was done.

Somewhere outside Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Joe suddenly begins disrobing. I still don't know what that was about.

It turns out Zane was correct. We saw a lot of cars in the ditch, but the only van we saw was on its roof.

We stopped at a Bass Pro Shops in Iowa. Best. Popcorn. Ever.

By this point, the snow was gone and the roads were clear. Even so, the Econoline van has issues at and above 80 mph. The headlights also have issues when covered in Wisconsin road slime. We spent an hour and a half drafting trucks just so we could take advantage of their headlights before pulling off and cleaning our own. Wow. We could see again.

By the time we reached Texas, the continuous chatter of the day was almost finding gaps as various folks fell asleep. Joe's goal was to reach San Antonio by morning. So on we drove.

one mile from Rob's house

Zane, Dan, Rob, Bud, Joe

Inside Bass Pro Shop

Ford Econoline

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