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Waffle House


tl;dr: Dan wants to eat at Waffle House. We visit The Alamo.

Dan's Uncle Rodney informed him that Waffle House was the best place to eat breakfast ever. Because Dan had never been to a Waffle House, and in spite of the rest of us adding Uncle Rodney to the list of people never to take advice from, we went to find one. It turns out the last Waffle House on our route was in Austin, so I (as navigator) plotted a route. Joe woke up and complained that we were deviating from his carefully crafted schedule that would put us in San Antonio hours before anything interesting opened, but we ignored him.

Austin is the second city to receive Google Fiber. Google maps directed us to take a toll road to reach the Waffle House, even though a non-toll road was clearly faster. This seems suspicious.

We found the highest-rated Waffle House in Austin. Joe was still upset about the unscheduled stop, but he started coming around as the wait staff began singing with the radio. They were talented at singing. They were neither talented at cooking nor cleaning the bathroom, which was a shame, because the former immediately induced a need for the latter for two of our members.

Texas has remarkable overpasses and cloverleafs on their highways. This upset Zane greatly, as he considered it a tremendous waste of concrete.

We continued on to San Antonio. Everybody was tired. Witty remarks were even less frequent, and seemed a bit forced.

It was too early to check into the Days Inn, so we headed off to Academy Sports (outdoor store #4 so far this trip), which was not yet open. So we waited in the parking lot for an hour, where everybody took the opportunity to group up on me concerning the meaning of life, which seems a bit like talking to the cameraman if you ask me.

The now (apparently) devout group also standardized their system for categorizing people: Hot, Meth, or Crack. I am not really embellishing on this. Literally every person we saw while driving around San Antonio invoked commentary, and ninety percent of that commentary consisted of one of those three terms.

At outdoor store #4 (Bass Pro Shops #2) Zane purchased the last javelina call.

We ate lunch at County Line BBQ. All agreed it was very good food.

We returned to downtown and toured The Alamo and a mounted-animal museum whose name I cannot remember and whose quality was not such that I feel compelled to go look it up.

We finally checked in to our hotel. The gang went to a bar called Coyote Ugly, which was described to me as, "Dirty, dark, really loud with two girls on microphones yelling at folks. Rating: Hot, Meth."

The Super Bowl aired that night. Nobody managed to stay awake for the entire game.

Bud, Dan, Rob, Joe, Zane

Zane hates Texas overpasses

age dominant Joe

BBQ at The County Line

remembering The Alamo

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