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Hunting Begins


tl;dr: We arrive at the Lazy R Ranch. The hunt begins.

Day 3. Excitement is high. Non-sequesters are abundant. Inanities continue. Wittiness is low. Creativity falters.

The day starts with Joe driving and Bud navigating. Joe immediately takes the pressure off Bud (due to that sliding-through-the-intersection incident) by almost running over a pedestrian. Bud then navigates us in a complete circle around downtown San Antonio, bringing us back to the hotel. This was not the goal.

We stop in Uvalde (and outdoor store #5) to kill time. We ask a local girl for lunch recommendations. She tells directs us to "Julio's". We find Los Alamos Family Restaurant, which happens to be owned by the Julio in question. It was a solid recommendation.

Around noon, we finally arrive at Lazy R Ranch where we meet up with Tom and Byron, the final two members of our party who drove in from Las Vegas. Christopher, our host and guide, sits us down and tells us how it's going to be. Among other things, he informed us that "There are coyote traps baited with cyanide. If you see one of these traps, don't touch it. Because you will die." This sort of sets the tone for the week.

Next came gun tests. Christopher wants to know that folks can shoot guns.

Bud: 308

Byron: 338 Lapua (some sort of cannon that shoots when it wants and bites)

Dan: 30-06

Joe: 30-06

Rob: 300 Winchester Mag

Tom: 243

Zane: 338 Winchester Mag

Everybody had to fire twice. Christopher: "If you can do that again, brother, I'll be happy."

This is how it is: Shooting your gun is your first test. Tests seem to have a binary grading scale, where a fail is a "strike." Only one of our guys received a "first strike."

And off we went. Hunting here is all performed from elevated box blinds. Each hunter is dropped off at a blind and then corn is scattered down shooting lanes. The truck moves on, and deer immediately move in and eat all the corn. You can't shoot the deer or cows, as that would make Christopher "unhappy."

Rob, Joe, Zane and myself are in Lupe's truck. Lupe only speaks Spanish. Or so he claims.

Today, I am with Zane. We saw a javelina right away. Then some deer and more javelinas and more deer and cows. Altogether there were 10 javelinas and over 20 deer. A lone piglet wandered out, and Zane decided to give it five minutes of mercy before shooting. At three minutes, it heard an airplane and ran away. It came back later, and, after determining that it had no bigger buddies, Zane knocked it over, putting himself in the lead toward the $160 pot for whoever kills the most hogs. He had aimed forward, but hit it right in the center of the body. We would find out later that this was Zane's "strike one."

Today's tally:

Zane: 1 piglet.

Bud: 1 javelina.

Rob: 1 javelina.

Everybody saw deer. Lots and lots of deer. Rob says he saw the most. Bryon saw two or three more.


Joe testing his gun

Zane, Joe, Bud, Tom, Byron, Rob, Dan

deer and javelina

Zane in a box blind


piglet and deer

elevated box blind

Zane's piglet

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