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Javelinas Attack


tl;dr: More pigs. More javelinas. Apparently, javelinas fight back. Rob and I tried for a bobcat, but failed.

Just after the sun came up Tom spotted a small herd of pigs at 300 yards. He picked one and smucked it. Some of the others hung around for a bit getting shots taken at them, but nothing. The rest of the morning he amused himself shooting at coyotes that were running back and forth down that same lane where the pig lay. I never heard for sure, but this sounded like a strike, because he was "training the dogs."

Joe attempted to sneak up on a javelina in order to shoot it with his pistol. It ran away. Then it returned. Then it ran away again. Joe finally arrived within range to find no javelina. He returned to the blind. The javelina returned to the road. Joe killed it with a rifle.

Zane missed a pig with a rifle, and it took five shots for him to kill a javelina with his pistol. Apparently the javelina turned on him and attacked. Zane was "completely utter dumfounded."

We are fed breakfast after the morning hunt. The food here is outstanding. There are never any leftovers.

This is how it is: The ranch is very specific about everything. So you should ask lots of questions. Though the answers are usually vague.

In the afternoon we quartered up the animals in the cooler. Rob spent a bunch of time preparing javelinas for taxidermy. He's a taxidermist. He pointed out that, "You should always put a stick in a javelina's mouth, because when its jaws lock they are impossible to pry open without breaking teeth. That's what I did. Then I removed the stick when taking pictures and forgot about it. See how locked they are?"

Rob wants to shoot a bobcat, and I would like to see a bobcat, so I sat with him on the evening hunt. It turns out neither of us knows anything about calling bobcats, and neither of us has ever seen one in the wild. One of us had chosen the wrong partner for this. Rob had purchased an electronic caller, but when he heard the sounds my phone could make, he just put his away. Every fifteen minutes or so we'd try a different "cottontail in distress" call, until all of the deer that had come to eat corn were gone. We decided that having not even deer to watch was boring, and so stopped calling. Near sunset animals began re-appearing. We had deer on two lanes, sandhill cranes on another. A herd of 10 javelinas finally appeared 200 yards to our west. We watched them for a while until that got boring. So we decided to scare them away with the caller. "Piglet in distress" had absolutely no affect on them, but all the deer scattered. When I played "coyote pup in distress", a sow and 9 piglets appeared behind the javelinas and raced across the road. I asked Rob why he didn't shoot, but we were both a little surprised.

Zane claims sightings for fifty or so pigs wallowing in grass near water with no clear shots. Just on this edge of too-dark-to-see he educates a hog by shooting the dirt under its belly at 350 yards. This was strike three. We really don't know what that means.

While riding back to the ranch, a bobcat scuried from the side of the road. Unfortunately, neither Rob or I saw it clearly, so we still can't claim to have seen a bobcat in the wild.

open window in box blind


Joe shot from way back there

Lazy U Ranch

Joe and Zane

Lupe and Zane and cows

Lupe and Tom and Joe

Tom, Rob, Christopher, Joe, Bud, Zane, Dan

Byron, Christopher, Bud, Joe, Zane, Dan, Rob

Lupe and Zane chasing steers

more whitetails

javelinas and crossing hogs

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