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Texas Pig Hunting
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Eat and Leave!


tl;dr: On our last day of hunting, we were kicked out early to make room for the next batch of hunters.

It's the last day of hunting, and Christopher wants us out early so he can prepare for the next group.

I sat with Dan. We watched the deer for a few hours. Suddenly a coyote appeared in front of a deer (who didn't care). The coyote trotted toward us until Dan tagged it at 80 yards. The shot got the coyote's attention, but not a single deer in three directions from the blind even flinched. We spent 45 minutes tracking the coyote through the brush until we gave up.

Zane also had fun with coyotes, although his coyotes must know the rules about shooting deer (which there are many). So one actually went a stood between several deer so Zane couldn't shoot at it.

Joe killed two more pigs. This brought him to five pigs and scored him the pig-shooting pot.

We were picked up by Lupe sometime after 9 AM so we could go back to the trailer, eat breakfast and leave.

We packed up and hit the road around 11 AM. Joe wanted to go back through San Antonio, but Bud and I directed him to take highway 83, which cuts north through Texas hill country. A large stretch of this highway is bordered by exotic game farms. Some of the critters we saw include: Spring Buck, Axis Deer, Whitetails (yawn), Blackbuck, Red Deer, Topie (maybe), Zebra, Pronghorn Antelope, Corsican sheep.

We drove all day and all night (though I constantly pointed out worthy motels) and all morning to get home. Most everybody managed to find comfortable places in the van and get a few hours of sleep. I think Joe and Dan slept most of the way. I slept not at all, and was quite grumpy (even more so than usual) by the time we arrived in Browntown.

Dan and Joe brought return the rental van, and I slept the rest of the day.

So ends our pig hunting trip to Texas.

abandoned backpacks

skinning a pig

across Texas

Zebra and Blackbuck

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